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Happy New Year, Everyone! 

As Darren Hardy and many other motivational speakers are saying this time of year: 

“What does it take for you to stay on track with your New Year’s Resolutions?” 

Well, we can’t speak to all the resolutions you’ve set for 2019, but if you have specific goals for your IT Service Delivery, we just might be able to help.  

At the risk of sounding like a commercial, here’s a quick review of all the ways we can help you in achieving those resolutions this year:  

IT MSPs, if your goal this year is to: 

  • Increase Resource Utilization 
  • Drive Autotask Optimization 
  • Learn, or do more with, Live Reports 
  • Improve Resource Planning 
  • Partner with an IT Service Delivery Trusted Advisor 

We can help. It’s that simple.  

A Quick Resource Utilization Preview 

When you leverage our expertise in Resource Utilization, we’ll provide an Automation System for as little as $397 USD. This has the potential to improve your bottom line by $12K, $25K or even $31K+ per year. 

Let’s check out some other key benefits of the automated system: 

  • Frees up 3-5 hours per week for the IT Managed Service Provider, giving them more time to coach and mentor.  
  • Empowers the IT Support Team to be self-motivated to spend more time on Customer requests.  
  • More time is spent on Customer requests = improved Customer experience and satisfaction.  
  • …All the while improving the Resource Utilization by 4%, 8%, or even 10%+ …sound good? 

If you need help with Resource Utilization. We’ve got you covered: 

  • Free eBook “An IT Service Manager’s Guide to Capitalizing on Resource Utilization” (Click Here) 
  • Resource Utilization Automated Autotask Live Report writing kit – $397.00 US (Click Here) 
  • Live Report Mockup 
  • Video report writing tutorial 
  • 30-minute report writing coaching calls (if needed) 
  • Four 30-minute weekly Resource Utilization coaching calls to accelerate the improvements: $597.00 US (Click Here) 
  • Resource Utilization Bundle Package – $797.00 US (Click Here) 
  • eBook 
  • Automated Autotask Live Report writing kit 
  • Four 30-minute weekly coaching calls 

Is Your Autotask Database Being Optimized? 

Is your Autotask database as optimized as it could be to effectively run your IT Managed Service Provider business? Here are some suggestions: 

  1. Go it alone by reviewing the Autotask Documentation and Training Videos. 
  2. Join an MSP-Ignite Service Manager Peer Group, which is highly recommended for IT Service Support and Delivery mentoring. (Click Here) 
  3. Hire an Autotask Certified Consultant Partner (CCP) to expedite the process and provide IT Service Support and Delivery coaching outside of the how-to Autotask platform…Read on. 

The first step to answer that question is to take the Free Self-Evaluation provided below, along with a free 30-minute Evaluation review conference call. It’s fast and easy – NO sales or arm twisting, I promise.  

Once you know where you stand and decide to hire an Autotask CCP, here is How We Will Help:  

Autotask Utilization offers: 

Need Help Writing the Autotask Report? 

We can help you write your Autotask Live Reports (which drive process and bottom-line improvements in-house) through our Advanced Autotask Live Report Writing online course. 

In response to numerous requests, we’re rolling out a comprehensive 6-week Live Report writing course. This training will take you from the basics all the way to mastering highly complex concepts and is packed with tips and tricks along the way.  

You get to follow along in your own Autotask database during these LIVE online sessions. During the course, you’ll be writing a valuable complex report that forecasts when Customers will be calling for service.   

The outline for the course and specific topics covered can be reviewed here: 

The Autotask Live Report Writing Course ($1,200) * includes:   

*(currently being piloted via one-on-one live sessions for $597(Click Here) 

  • 6 weekly 1-hour Live Report writing training conference calls 
  • Lifetime access to Video tutorials of each topic (when they become available post-pilot) 
  • Lifetime Autotask Live Report writing support from the SDB-C team 
  • A Certificate of Achievement  

Note: Need some help writing Live Reports? That’s what we’re here for!  

Done-For-You Live Report Writing (Click Here) 

Resource Planning Workforce Management for IT Support 

Resource Planning & Workforce Management can be tricky. Resource Planning/Workforce Management for IT Support are proactive scheduling processes that address the Customers’ needs and wants in each of these areas while pulling from a single resource pool.  

If all we had to schedule was Projects, anyone could do it. If only it were that easy, right? 

In reality- to improve and maximize profits, we need to balance: 

  • Scheduling Incident (Break/Fix, Reactive, etc.) response 
  • Change Requests 
  • Installs  
  • Projects 

Preventive Maintenance and other types of Service Requests all come from the same resource pool. 

For more information on Resource Planning / Workforce management for IT Support, take advantage of a: 

 Let Us Become Your Trusted Advisor 

As a Trusted Advisor, we partner with Managed Service Providers to streamline their IT Service Support and Delivery operations.  

Streamlining operations has many benefits. Your IT MSP can:   

  • Increase bottom-line profit by 10%, year after year 
  • Boost Service Level Agreement management to the 90%+ range 
  • Improve Employee and Customer satisfaction ratings 

So, how can we make this happen at your IT MSP? By coaching IT Managed Service Provider(s) on how to drive chaos and confusion out of the workflow.  

We help them make sense of the data and reduce the complexity of the IT Service Support and Delivery to simple concepts. We then work with them to communicate the operational workflow concepts to their Teams. 

For the IT Managed Service Provider, the results are: 

  • More coaching and mentoring time 
  • Stronger relationships with the Team 
  • Enhanced quality of work-life for all Employees 
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction ratings 
  • Which all translates to: making more money for the Company 

To see if you qualify or to learn more about the Trusted Advisor program, click here. (Click Here) 

Next week we return to providing articles full of the best industry thoughts on IT Service Delivery. You could wait for the topics to come around to support your New Year’s Resolutions, or… 

You can visit our “How We Help” page to expedite the process (and if I were you, I’d want to accelerate the process).  

Best wishes to you and your Team for a prosperous, productive 2019! Happy New Year!  


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