Should Your IT MSP Hire a Service Coordinator?


A good Service Coordinator is worth their weight in gold! A Service Coordinator will also make the Techs 10% more efficient.  Therefore, with 3 Techs or more, there will be enough gold to cover their weight at your IT MSP. 

There, I said it. And I mean every word. Why? Well, since you asked… 

A good Service Coordinator will be the hub of your MSP, running all Customer request issues to ground, driving Tickets from New to Complete, and maintaining a keen awareness of everything Service Delivery relatedAnd if you want Techs to be 10% more efficient (yes, we see this in the data all the time)…look no further than a superhero Service Coordinator. It goes without saying they justify their cost, including burden. 

We recommend having the Service Coordinator position covered from early morning (6 or 7 am) until 5 pmIt is better to have the full-time Service Coordinator start early, as they will set the day for the Techs and be better at Triaging the early morning noise 

This also helps them respond better to the Customer with those High and Critical requests (by the end of the day, nothing seems to be High or Critical anymore – it can usually wait until tomorrow)Having a Tech cover the Triage widget at the end of the day will workbut keep in mind that their quality of Triage is not the same as that of a good Service Coordinator. 

By the time there are more than 10 Techs, two Service Coordinators will be neededFrom our experience, a Service Coordinator can provide high-quality work by being the “Hub of the Company” and “Customer Advocate” for about 10 Techs; after that, another Service Coordinator should be brought onboard. 

What it takes to be a Service Coordinator 

So, what does it take to be a good Service Coordinator? 

  • Ownership of all open tickets. 
  • Respect and appreciation by the Company, Techs, and Customers. 
  • A Neutral Agenda between Ownership, Sales, Techs, and Customers, while favoring the Customer. 
  • sixth sense as to what is really going on in any one situation. 
  • Awareness of where every Tech is at and what they are working on – including when they are getting burnout and thinking of leaving. 

what service coordinators do

What does it take to empower the Service Coordinator to be the hub of the company 

Here is an excerpt from our Service Coordinator Training agreement: 

Prerequisites with Owner’s sign-off before we start Service Coordinator training 

The Service Coordinator / Dispatcher is the hub of the companyIf this person does not handle the Service Coordinator / Dispatcher job, then no matter what the rest of the Team does, the Customer will be disappointed, and Chaos will reign. 

The Service Coordinator / Dispatcher also needs to be the Single Point of Coordination (SPoC) for all Customer requests, which means they have to have a complete Ownership of the Techs calendar, workday, and duties. 

Service Coordinator / Dispatcher daily duties reviewed, adjusted if needed, and accepted. The Service Coordinator / Dispatcher is one of 3-Sys Admin and needs to know how to maintain the following: 

DashboardsWFRsHoliday Sets updated, & Renew Live Report SchedulesGiving Client Portal access. 

How do you know if you have a Good Service Coordinatoror not? 

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the dataIn this case, we are talking about two reports: 

  1. SLA Performance report when the First Response is set to monitor the Triage performanceTime and Time again, we see that if a Customer request is Triaged within a 1-hour SLA, the Tech Engagement SLA and Completion SLA will almost always meet expectations. 
  2. Service Delivery Forecast reports have the added benefit of monitoring Customer Requests that are being shepherded into all 11 WorkflowsIf so, there will be a double hump bell curve with the humps being around Medium for Incidents and Quick Hits for Service Requests. 

There are other ways to tell if a Service Coordinator is doing a good job, such as: 

  • Priority Distribution widget or report 
  • Is the “Ready to Engage” widget working for the Techs? 
  • Are there no waiting tickets with no activity for the last two days? 
  • Do all scheduled tickets have a future service call? 
  • Do all on-hold tickets have a future due date? 
  • Are all Customer requests estimated to take more than 4 hours to complete scheduled? 
  • And the list goes on and on 

In other words, the Service Coordinator takes Ownership of all open tickets, including reviewing Time Entries as they go to Approve & Post. 

This is only the beginning of the rant on the value of a good Service Coordinator, so stay tuned for more of our perspectives on everything Service Coordinator related 

How do we know the value of a good Service CoordinatorBecause we only do one thing, and we do it very well:  

We guide MSPs, using the Autotask software, to resolve Service Delivery issues. 

Enjoy the read… 

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  1. This was a wonderful read. Thank you for highlighting the position that often gets overlooked. A good service coordinator can make or break your company. They are the first responder for every client, tech, and internal issue. Being calm under pressure isn’t always enough when juggling a service desk. A good coordinator must have plenty of reliable resources and relationships. Because at least half of service coordinating is making people trust that you are able to execute on your promises. Your word must be good to all departments. I am lucky to work for a company that has built great SC processes. I look forward to reading more.

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