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Stephen Buyze - Owner/CEO

An experienced IT Managed Service Provider Resource Planning Consultant, Stephen D. Buyze is the founder of SDB-Consulting.

Steve’s focus is on improving IT Service Delivery for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). He continually drives to help MSPs achieve notable results which include:

  • Better team dynamics and productivity
  • Greater quality of Work-Life for Employees
  • Improved Customer experience and satisfaction
  • Increased bottom-line profits exceeding 10% year after year

His accomplishments have stemmed from a blend of his passions:   improving operational efficiencies, deep religious roots, and 35+ years of managing technicians and engineers – the last 8+ years with a highly successful MSP. 

Stephen D Buyze | “Empowering Service Managers to increase profit” | About

Steve’s formal education includes degrees from both Indiana University and Purdue University (talk about having arguments when you are alone in the room), where he was on the National Dean’s list and inducted into the Beta Gamma Beta (Business) and Phi Kappa Phi (Scholarship) honors societies as a Junior.

In addition, Steve has shaped his work ethic, philosophy and self-education mantra from participation in Continuous Improvement (W. Edwards Deming), Sharpening the Saw (Stephen Covey), and Lead Like Jesus (Ken Blanchard).

Steve is Relentless when it comes to the Flawless Execution of Getting to Plan B and The Compound Effect of The Advantage along with The Speed of Trust. He is also Getting Naked (Patrick Lencioni) with Traction on The Goal of building a Million Dollar Consulting Business.

He is inspired by and continuously learning from experts like:

  • Tim S. Grove
  • James D. Murphy
  • John Mullins
  • Darren Hardy
  • Stephen M. R. Covey
  • Patrick Lencioni
  • Gino Wickman
  • Eliyahu M. Goldratt
  • Alan Weiss

Steve brings his extensive education, experience and intuitive abilities to assist IT MSPs with accomplishing their goals of happier Customers, more satisfied (and productive) employees, and increased profit margins.

Combined with his relentless energy and signature sense of humor, Steve has a unique ability to make the highly complex and fast-moving MSP operations simple to understand, as well as boring topics interesting and approachable. This natural talent enables him to help his clients implement common sense solutions and smart strategies that actually work.

Click on the Link below to view Steve’s resume.

Carol Hoffman - Lead Coach

The newest member of our team, Carol has been an Autotask admin for six years and has worked as a service coordinator for an MSP. She earned her Associate in Applied Science in 2014.

Carol jokes that she really dislikes talking about herself – but what she does love is solving problems and making life easier for others. That makes her a perfect fit for our team!

When she’s not working, Carol loves doting on her 3 dogs, spending time in nature and working on her craft projects. You’ll find her reading a couple different books at any given time, and recently, she’s proud to be leading a small group Bible study.

About Carol Hoffman

Cassidy S - Special Projects Manager

Cassidy has been with us since September 2017 and is my right-hand person when it comes to running the Company.  As the business has grown and changed direction, she has hung with me. She has been amazing at keeping up with every turn of events, directions, thoughts as we navigated by our guts, reacted to reading books, and change email marketing software (4 times in a year). 

Her day to day responsibilities include being the go-to person for application support and developing/maintaining the website, along with the primary blog article distribution.

About Cassidy S.

Cristina G - Marketing Manager

Cristina has been with us since February 2018 and has done an amazing job promoting the brand by repurposing our blog articles and posting about our company. Having some industry experience, she is the first person to take my crude article drafts and turn them into readable material. She also applies her marketing education to interpret the analytics and strategizes new ways to spread brand awareness.

Her day-to-day responsibilities include editing and repurposing blog articles, scheduling our weekly email, running advertisements for our latest offerings, as well as developing/maintaining our social media presence on websites such as Reddit and LinkedIn.

Marketecs - Marketing Support

Marketecs was hired in June of 2018 to take the website to the next level, improve our blog article quality and reach, and guide us through our first product launch including driving the email campaign and webinar. They did an awesome job, and the comments on our level of professionalism are numerous, significant, and are the driving force behind our growth. 

About Marketecs

Kathrine F – Marketecs CEO

Besides running the Marketecs company, she lends a hand by providing the final decision on Marketing strategy and process. She is also instrumental in training the staff on marketing techniques and how to use the ever-evolving tools. 

Rachel P – Blog Article Editor 

Rachel is amazing when it comes to editing articles and Search Engine Optimization.  Awareness of the company is growing each month, due to the excellent SEO she is applying to the articles and other marketing materials. 

Melanie V – Proofreader 

As anyone who knows me can attest, when it comes to English, I seem to have come up with my own language. The drafts are very rough, and while the concepts are great (just ask me), the communication is very poor.   

Melanie does an excellent job, setting the riveting content aside, and only focusing on the grammar and spelling. She also uncovers errors in punctuation and sentence structure. She is the biggest reason our articles are given credence, and we are not blown off as a fly by night organization who operates alone. It is a team effort! 

Duncan D - Video Production Manager

Duncan joined us in October 2018 when we realized the growth of the company would outpace our (Jen’s) availability.  He comes to us with some Autotask experience and in a past life was my right-hand person when it came to running an analyzing reports.  Duncan is one of the few people I have met that can see where and why I am going with the data before I get a chance to tell him.  He seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to Data Analyst work, and I have found him to be a joy to work with. 

His day to day responsibilities include testing the various Live Reports that have been written either as Content Development or at the request of a Customer.

About Duncan D.

Linnea E - Autotask Live Report Writer

Linnea came to us in December 2018 as a Data Generator, keeping our demonstration and testing of the Autotask database full of data.  She was quickly promoted to a Live Report from Mock-Up writer and Dashboard builder.  She is a joy to work with and embraces the new challenges with a vergency.  Her quality is second to none, and someone that we have come to depend on.

About Linnea

Catherine E - Data Generator and QC Manager

Catherine joined us in September 2019 as our needs for Data Generation grew, and Linnea was taking on more responsibilities. With Catherine’s help we were able to transition the Data Generation position from just creating tickets, to keeping the Technician demonstration dashboard alive and active. She has done a great job and is a welcome asset to the team. ​

About Catherine

Angelica G - Data Generator and Autotask Live Report Writer

Angelica as the name implies was a god send when she joined us in October 2019. Our Data Generation needs were growing as we rolled new dashboards. While Catherine laid the groundwork for the new processes, Angelica took them to the next level and is managing the All Open Ticket (Service Coordinator) dashboard. She is doing a great job and shows promise to grow with the Company. ​

About Angelica

Janelle T - Online Sales Manager

Janelle joined us in March of 2020, initially to cover Cassidy’s maternity leave. Still, she quickly demonstrated a high level of Active Campaign understanding and skills and has become a permanent part of the Team.  Today she wears many hats, Active Campaign Manager, Learning Management System Manager, and Copywriter.

Ray M - Execution Manager

Ray joined us in February of 2020.  He has been a personal friend since 2008, when we attended a discipleship class together.  After the class ended, 4 couples enjoyed being together, so we started a book club that ran for 9 years.  As Ray is retired and looking for something to do, his 21 years of US Coast Guard experience as a Chief Electronics Technician and 27 Years of Automobile top sales and customer service experience is coming in very handy as an Execution Manager and Sales Prospect research assistant.

Lea Ann P - Autotask System Administrator and Live Report Writer

Lea Ann joined us in February of 2020.  She brings with her a wealth of Autotask experience, including as a System Administrator.  Like the rest of SDB-C, her experience is on the Service Delivery side, and has been a great asset to the Company as part of the Content Delivery Team.  Since joining SDB-C, her knowledge of Live Reports has increased, and she is now capable of writing any of the reports in our library. Wahoo!

Cathy B - Sales/Accounting Manager

Cathy joined us in October 2020 as a Sales/Personal Assistant.  She went right to work shaping and streamlining our Sales Pipeline and our Content Repository.  Her skills include cognitive reasoning and a desire to learn new things.  She has taken every challenge we have thrown at her and rose to the top to become another one of our “A” players.

SDB Consulting Mission:

We teach IT Managed Service Providers how to improve the quality of work-life for their Employees, increase Customer satisfaction, and boost profits, by providing best-in-class Service Delivery improvement online courses, downloadable educational information, and one-on-one instruction.

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