The Rumpelstiltskin Method

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Managed Service Providers, we hear you! You’re frustrated about not having the strategic information you need to make smart decisions to effectively manage (and grow) your business.

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Autotask Live Report Writing Course for IT professionals

Finally, An Autotask Live Report Writing Process that Actually Works.

Meet The Rumpelstiltskin Method:

The data you need is there, but...

We all know the data is there; the problem is that no one seems to be able to get to that gold mine of information.

Autotask’s solution of watching lots of videos is great on how to navigate the report writer. Trouble is, it doesn't explain how to write reports or actually get to the info.

Mine the info you need to:

• Make informed decisions
• Monitor and track operational performance and improvements
• Confidently know exactly what is going on and how the business is operating
• Go head to head with anyone on which decision is the best

Enjoy BIG Benefits:

⭐Operational improvements of 5-10% equate to $100K to $1M per year depending on the size of the business.

⭐A 1% Resource Utilization improvement alone is worth $3,000 per Tech per Year, and that is just one report.

⭐Multiplying this one report times the number of Technicians, and a realistic 5 to 10% continuous improvement… well, you can see the value of having an experienced Autotask Live Report writer on staff.

In just 6 short weeks,

You’ll have a comprehensive Open Ticket report and will be able to quickly and easily write Autotask Live Reports.

The course is taught in six weeks, with 1-hour sessions each week. The sessions are taught in small 3-student group sessions at a time that is convenient for everyone.

Develop concise reports With In-house Staff

• Managed Services Profitability report
• Automate timesheet review process
• Advanced SLA report
• Which devices are costing the most to maintain report
• Or even a simple, comprehensive Open Tickets report

We'll show you how to make it happen at your MSP!

Our signature process makes it easy:

Begin with the end in mind.
Research those who have gone before you.
Identify the right planet to be on.
Start simple and build the complexity.
Sit back and Automate!

We'll show you how to make it happen at your IT MSP so you can start seeing results right away!

"You did an amazing job of breaking down a highly complex task and making it replicable."
Kim S.
Autotask Forum

Whether you’re a seasoned Live Report writer or just getting started, The Rumpelstiltskin Method is for you.

It’ll make your life a whole lot easier. And you might even become the superhero of the company.

Autotask Live Report Writing Course for IT professionals
"When I started the Autotask Live Report Writing Course I was thinking of mostly flat reports like inventory lists or basic ticket reports. Now that I see the power of Live Reports it’s really opened up huge possibilities for things like labor allocation, project labor forecasting. It’s incredible."
Robert Merva, CSCP
CEO Business IT and Cybersecurity Consulting

How do you know when your IT Service Delivery IS Optimized?

> 1 %
Service Level Management
1 k
in revenue per technician
1 +%
Managed Service Profit Margin
< 1
Hours to Completion

We can help you discover or improve your numbers...

"I just began the Live Reports training and it has opened my eyes to the valuable information that we have been missing out on."

- Sarah Grigg,
Customer Support Coordinator at Business Knowledge Systems