The 10-Point Checklist Every IT Managed Service Provider Needs to Improve and Optimize their PSA Utilization

Your Complete Checklist to Easily Discovering Your PSA Software Capabilities

The purpose of this checklist is for IT Managed Service Providers to quickly and easily evaluate how much of their PSA software they are utilizing compared to the potential.

There are 10 areas of comparison:
  • Workflow 
  • Priorities
  • Contracts and Services
  • Roles and Work Types
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Ticket Categories, Templates and Checklists
  • Automation via Work Flow Rules
  • Dashboards and Widgets
  • Issues, Sub-Issues, & Ticket Categories
  • Standard Reports, Live Reports, and Data Warehouse

Optimal Software Utilization will lead to:

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
    • SLAs improved to more than 95%
    • Average Time to Completion less than 12 hours
  • More money for the Company
    • A 1% Resource Utilization improvement is worth $3K per Tech per Year
    • Reduce the cost of supporting Managed Service Agreements by 50%
  • Improve the quality of work-life
    • More automation saves managerial time
    • Better communication and information builds confidence in the Support Team
PSA software checklist

How do you know when your IT Service Delivery IS Optimized?

> 1 %
Service Level Management
1 k
in revenue per technician
1 +%
Managed Service Profit Margin
< 1
Hours to Completion

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