Your Roadmap to Creating Profitable Project Opportunity to Management Workflows

The stages from Sales to Sales/Engineering, back to sales, and the Project Management phases (and everything in between!) are complicated. They’re also a critical part of running a successful MSP.

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MSP Sales Process | Sales to Project Management

What makes this sales - Sales/Engineering - Project management Guide so great?

10 Sales opportunity stages

10 Sales opportunity stages...Walking you step-by-step through a Sales and Opportunity process that sets the stage for success before, during, and after closing the Opportunity.

4 Collaboration Sales/Engineering Sales Stages

4 Sales/Engineering stages...That’s right - we're formally including Sales/Engineering in the Sales Opportunity process to set the foundation for rich Communication and efficient Project workflow. The result? Delivering superior Customer Satisfaction.

15 Planning, Execution and Closing Steps

15 Comprehensive Project steps...9 Project Planning steps, 3 Execution steps, and 3 Closeout steps will help you make sure nothing is overlooked or left to chance.

3 best practice policies

3 Best Practice tips on how to use the Opportunity Probability will make this the go-to guide your IT MSP needs to stay on top of the game!

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How do you benefit? Optimizing your sales to project management process will lead to:

Higher Customer Satisfaction

  • Rich Customer communication builds involvement and confidence in the results
  • Customer involvement improves needs assessments
  • Accurate needs assessments lead to accurate quotes 
  • Projects are done on time and on budget

Increased Sales/Profit

  • More efficient, repeatable processes
  • Clear Status and Next Steps
  • More accurate pricing assessments
  • Better assurance of project profitability
  • Salespeople get to spend more time selling

Improved Skills & Quality

  • Higher confidence in Fixed Price quoting
  • Quotes based on the latest technology
  • Quotes that match current standards
  • Better communication and information builds confidence and collaboration