Self Evaluation Survey | Submission

Thank you for taking this self-evaluation. Here are a few of the ways you can improve and maximize your Autotask utilization:
  • Review the Autotask You-Tube training videos
  • Review the Autotask Documentation
  • Join an MSP-Ignite IT Service Manager Peer Group
  • Contact an Autotask Certified Consultant Partner (CCP)
  • Schedule a review session <– click here

As a bonus, I also wanted to share these instructions to build Kim Drumm’s weekly live time entry competition widget in Autotask:  (provided with Kim’s permission, of course)

  1. Add Widget 
  2. Choose a widget from the widget library > next 
  3. Work Entries – last one in the list 
  4. Overall Hours Worked this Week > next 
  5. Change title to something more meaningful – ex: “Team Hours Worked this Week.” 
  6. Clear out “Also report on…” field 
  7. Group Data By Resource 
  8. Secondary Grouping: Work Date Day of Week 
  9. Add the second filter: Resource, In List,  
  10. Save and enjoy! 
If you want more tips like this, schedule your review today!