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*This is a Sample Resource Utilization Automation System Report Mock-Up.

“The Resource Utilization Automation report has been a great tool to highlight many gaps in our service delivery. We have had so many conversations come out of the woodwork because we have all this data clearly laid out right in front of us. Steve has been excellent in taking the time to custom-tailor this report from the perspective of extracting the most value out of it as possible.”
Alex Samuel​
Director of Service, Innovative Inc​

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"We recently moved all time entry from a proprietary system to Autotask. The Resource Utilization Automation Report enables us to automate the collection and cogent presentation of data that previously required our controller to spend anywhere from one to three hours of labor per week. Stephen’s assistance has been invaluable in customizing the original template to fit our specific needs."
Tim Bass
42, Inc.
"I think the Resource Utilization Automation report is a powerful way to quickly get metrics on team performance. One of the best parts about the process is the conversations surrounding coaching moments, teaching users to view the data as telling a story, rather than a hard metric goal. I also appreciated the instruction surrounding using an underutilized portion of Autotask – the resource utilization goals, set per resource. It’s easy enough to build a report or widget that tells you how many hours someone worked, but it’s a far more challenging task to provide the level of contextual data that this report does. Kudos!"
Kirsten Ekstrand
Service Delivery Manager, Advanced Intelligence Engineering
"Your template was GREAT. You did an amazing job of breaking down a highly complex task and making it replicable."
Kim S
Autotask Forum