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At SDB Consulting we offer a variety of solutions for Managed Service Providers. Click any of the headings below to learn more about these specific resources.

Resource Utilization

How we help when it comes to Resource Utilization is by providing an Automation System that can improve the bottom line by $12K, $25K or even 31K+ per year.

The automated system frees up the IT Service Manager to have more coaching and mentoring time. The system also empowers the IT Support Team to be self-motivated to spend more time on Customer requests. More time spent on Customer requests improves the Customer experience and satisfaction. All the while improving the Resource Utilization by 4%, 8%, or even 10%+

Automated Resource Utilization for IT Managed Service Providers | Help
  • Live report Mockup
  • Video report writing tutorial
  • 30-minute report writing coaching calls if needed

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Accelerate your improvements with 4 30-minute on-on-one weekly coaching calls.

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  • eBook
  • Automated Autotask Live Report writing kit
  • 4 30-minute weekly coaching calls

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Autotask Optimization

How We Help you know if your Autotask database is optimized to run your IT Service Support and Delivery business is by:

  1. Offering an in depth Self-Evaluation survey
  2. Joining an MSP-Ignite Service Manager Peer Group
  3. Requesting a partnership proposal from SDB-Consulting

The first step to answer the question is to take the Self-Evaluation provided below along with a no-sale 30-minute Evaluation review conference call – No SALEs or arm twisting, I promise.

Once you know where you stand and where the opportunities to improve are, you have three choices:

  1. Go it alone by reviewing the Autotask Documentation and Training Videos
  2. Join an MSP-Ignite Service Manager Peer Group, which is recommended, for IT Service Support and Delivery mentoring
  3. Team up with an Autotask Certified Consultant Partner (CCP) to
    1. Expedite the entire process,
    2. Reduce the learning curve with improved results, and also
    3. Provide IT Service Support and Delivery insights outside of just how to use the Autotask platform
Autotask | SDB Consulting

Autotask Utilization Includes:

The purpose of this evaluation is for PSA users to evaluate how much of the Autotask software they are utilizing compared to the potential.

There are nine areas of comparison:

  • Priorities
  • Contracts and Services
  • Roles and Work Types
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Ticket Categories, Templates and Checklists
  • Automation via Work Flow Rules
  • Dashboards and Widgets
  • Issues, Sub-Issues, & Ticket Categories
  • Standard Reports, Live Reports, and Data Warehouse

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With our Autotask Utilization services, we will help you gain access and navigate our recommended MSP peer group.

Team up with an Autotask Certified Consultant Partner (CCP) to

  1. Expedite the entire process,
  2. Reduce the learning curve with improved results, and also
  3. Provide IT Service Support and Delivery insights outside of just how to use the Autotask platform

Autotask Live Report Writing Course

Advanced Autotask report writing for IT professionals and IT service managers | Help

How We Help you to write the Autotask Live Reports that drive process and bottom-line improvements in house is by offering an Advanced Autotask Live Report writing online course.

Due to popular demand after seeing the complexed Autotask Live Reports that SDB-Consulting uses in delivering bottom-line improvements to its Customers, we are offering a 6 weekly one-hour online Live Report writing course. The training takes you from the very basic to highly complex and provides tips and tricks along the way.

The beauty of this training is it is done in online sessions with the student following along in their own Autotask database. During the course, they will be writing a highly valuable complex report that forecasts when Customers will be calling for service.

The Autotask Live Report Writing Course includes: $1,200.00 (currently being piloted via one-on-one live sessions for $597)

  • 6 weekly one-hour Live Report writing training conference calls
  • Lifetime access to Video tutorials of each topic (when they become available post pilot)
  • Lifetime Autotask Live Report writing support from the SDB-C team
  • A certificate of Achievement

Done-For-You Customized Autotask Live Report Writing

We will do the work for you! Yes, we will write a customize Autotask report to fit your particular needs and simplify your data.

Just click the button below to submit the information we need in order to get you a quote for your customized Live Report.

Autotask certified expert | Autotask certified partner

Resource Planning / Workforce Management for IT Support

Ready to learn more about how we help with Resource Management to improve the bottom-line profit by 10% or more, Service Level Agreement management improve to the mid-90% range, and be voted the best place to work by your Employees thru our Resource Planning for IT Support products?

Resource Planning / Workforce management for IT Support is a proactive scheduling processes that address the Customers needs and wants in each of these areas while pulling from a single resource pool.

If all we had to schedule was projects, anyone could do it. But you know it’s more than that!

In order to improve and maximize profits, we need to balance scheduling Incident (Break/Fix, Reactive, etc) Responses, Change Requests, Installs, Projects, Preventive Maintenance, and a variety of other types of Service Requests; all from the same resource pool.

Resource Planning Includes:

Team up with an Autotask Certified Consultant Partner (CCP) to

  1. Expedite the entire process,
  2. Reduce the learning curve with improved results, and also
  3. Provide IT Service Support and Delivery insights outside of just how to use the Autotask platform

IT Service Delivery Trusted Advisor

How We Help is by being a Trusted Advisor partner and working with Managed Service Providers to streamline their IT Service Support and Delivery operations. Streamlining operations results in increase bottom-line profit by 10% year after year, improved

Service Level Agreement management to the 90+% range, and become the best place to work based on Employee surveys.

We do this by coaching the IT Service Manager(s) on how to drive chaos and confusion out of the workflow. We help them make sense of the data and reduce the complexity of the IT Service Support and Delivery to simple concepts. We then work with them to communicate the operational workflow concepts to the Teams.

Getting started is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Contact Us! Letting us know that you’re interested in our advisory program.
  2. Complete the Intake Self-Evaluation Questionnaire
  3. Schedule our first 1-on-1 conference call
Stephen D Buyze | “Empowering Service Managers to increase profit”

For the IT Service Manager, the results are:

More coaching and mentoring time
Better relationships with the Team
Improved quality of work-life for all Employees
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Making more money for the Company


Contact us to see if you qualify and for more details about the Trusted Advisor program

Autotask System Administrator

  • Staff Augmentation
  • PTO coverage
  • Coverage between Internal Autotask System Administrator
  • Part of the Team as an Autotask System Administrator