Resource Utilization Can be a Complicated Issue...
Without the Right Tools and Automation

If you're not taking FULL advantage of the reporting writing features found in Autotask, you're working WAY harder than you should be. Help your IT Service Manager(s) work smarter, not harder, and help improve the Company's bottom-line.

Learn how to write a complex Autotask Live Report by following our Resource

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"Your template was GREAT. You did an amazing job of breaking down a highly complex task and making it replicable."
Kim S
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Resource Utilization Example Spreadsheet Report

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"We recently moved all time entry from a proprietary system to Autotask. The Resource Utilization Report enables us to automate the collection and cogent presentation of data that previously required our controller to spend anywhere from one to three hours of labor per week. Stephen’s assistance has been invaluable in customizing the original template to fit our specific needs."
Tim Bass
42, Inc.