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Breaking up is hard to do: Offboarding Customers at the IT MSP


They say breaking up is hard to do. We agree – even when the break up is between an IT Managed Service Provider and their Customer. Yes, it’s true: offboarding Customers is never easy.   This is a Key Time at Your IT MSP  When Offboarding Customers, it’s critical to maintain a professional mindset and have your IT Managed Service Provider Employees anticipate the Customer’s return. You may be surprised, but this really goes a long way to motivating Employees …

Top Industry Hacks for Onboarding MSP Customers


What would you say are some of the most overlooked and under planned Managed Service Provider activities? If you answered those surrounding the onboarding of new customers, you’re on target! I’ve seen Managed Service Providers commonly neglect the following areas – any of these can seriously affect the quality of their relationships with the Customer …

IT Project to Support Handoff – A Key Step in IT Service Delivery


Hello everyone! This week, let’s take a look at the relationship between IT support and projects.  First, ask yourself these 3 key questions:   Is your support team happy when a project ends and the Lead Tech steps away?   Are you sure (really)?   Have you asked them?  From my experience, there are two areas of bumpiness in the relationship between Project Teams and Support Teams. The bumpiness is often caused by confusions:   While a project is going on, and   In …

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IT Managed Service Providers: Solutions for Your Resolutions!


Happy New Year, Everyone!  As Darren Hardy and many other motivational speakers are saying this time of year:  “What does it take for you to stay on track with your New Year’s Resolutions?”  Well, we can’t speak to all the resolutions you’ve set for 2019, but if you have specific goals for your IT Service Delivery, we just might be able to help.   At …

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The Best of 2018 Revisited


2018 was a great year for most Managed Service Providers.  Growth in both revenue and Customers abound, as well as improvements in IT Service Delivery metrics.    For those that remember the Millennial New Year and those that have been dubbed Millennial, we are bringing back our best article of 2018, based on views, reads and click throughs.  This article was originally …

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What Every IT Support Manager Must Know About SLA’s & Scheduling Objectives 


Let’s kick off this article with a reminder that ITIL divides Priorities into two work groups:  Incidents   Service Requests  We’ll follow this separation by saying that SLA’s are to Incidents what Scheduling Objectives are to Service Requests.    If you think about it, SLA’s measure response, resolution planning, and remediation -which are applicable measurements to Incidents, but not applicable to Service Requests. However, …

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IT Managed Service Agreements: What’s Included? 


There have been several times when I have run into a disconnect between what Sales is selling and what IT Support is supporting. I’m wondering if you can relate to this?  For example, when joining Systems Engineering, they had 7 managed service offerings. There was some confusion between what was in the Signed Agreements and the Service Support.   Confusion Surrounding the Network …

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Working as Designed, IT Service Requests are a Dilemma


Incidents. Service Requests. In the world of IT support, what’s the difference?   Well, since you asked…ITIL promotes dividing all IT work into two groups and differentiates by calling them Incidents (Break/Fix, Reactive, etc.) and Service Requests (everything else).   ITIL defines an Incident as a network, system, or device that is not working as designed. In contrast, a Service Request is a network, system, or device that is working as designed. …