Stephen D Buyze

“Empowering Managed Service Providers to Increase Profit”

Increase Revenue by 15% with Cascading Contract Automation


Shifting the burden of invoice quality from the Support Team to the PSA software is the main purpose of building the Cascading Contract Automation. The Automation reduces their Invoice Quality responsibilities down to answering one key question: “What Type of Work did you do?”  The primary benefits of Cascading Contract Automation are:  More efficient Service Delivery Teams  Less work for Account Managers and Accounting  Invoices …

Case Study: Cascading Contract Automation increased profits by 18%


The monthly billing of the first Customer we engaged with was 4% T&M and 96% for the Managed Service Agreements (MSA).   So, I asked the Owner if all the Customers were All-In Managed Service Customers? His reply was “Yes, why?”   “Typically,” I said, “even when all Customers are under a Managed Service Agreement, T&M billing is around 20%.”   We then got right to work to reduce the Tech’s ticket coding burden for billing purposes by asking them to answer one simple question:    “What Type of …