Stephen D Buyze

“Empowering Managed Service Providers to Increase Profit”

Optimizing IT Service Delivery is About More Than Money


                You may think it’s just about the money, but in reality, there is so much more  value to IT Service Delivery Optimization than simply boosting profits for the company.     There are many other benefits to why you should Optimize your IT Service Delivery, including:  Greater Quality of Work-Life for all Employees**  Improved …

Optimized IT Service Delivery: A Blueprint for Success?


How can you tell when your Service Delivery Operation is Optimized?    Service Delivery Operations at your IT MSP are Optimized when:  Customer’s expectations are met 95% of the time  Resource Utilization is greater than 80%   Average Time to Incident Completion is under 12 hours   Managed Service Agreement support is below 2 Techs per 1000 endpoints  That’s great info to know…but just what …