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Our Commentary on Datto’s #6 KPI: Newly Discovered Devices


  For the record, RMM and billing processes do not play to SDB-C’s strength.   Datto’s #6 KPI: Newly Discovered Devices is all about Consumption Billing and depends on the RMM tool to identify devices under management.  As Autotask Service Delivery experts, we are called on to assist with Consumption Billing configurations which are not quite yet automated. We …

What is it worth to know months in advance that a Customer is thinking of leaving you? Easy: $9K + 4% of your annual revenue. Have I got your attention? Read more.

Customer Satisfaction Scores are Datto’s #2 KPI to Watch


What is it worth to a Managed Service Provider to know months in advance that a Customer is thinking of leaving?   The answer:  $9K + 4% of your annual revenue  **Send Steve an email if you want to know the logic behind the math**  FYI: this is also our 2nd most important KPI behind Employee Quality of Life, with Profitability being …



 What is the #1 reason growing your MSP business is so difficult?  Well, this 5-letter word is the secret to your business success!   Some say growing your business takes:  Better marketing  Better sales processes/pipelines  Being someone who they are not  But does that work? Not really. For the most part, what frees you up to focus on Sales and not worrying about Service Delivery is TRUST. As the …

Did you know 18% of the work at your Managed Service Provider could be billable? Seriously! Here’s how you can achieve this successfully.

How Autotask Contract Automation is like printing $$$


 Nothing is more frustrating than having a smooth-running MSP business, only to find out that 18% of your work could have been billable. It is not your fault. As one Customer pointed out, Autotask PSA Contract videos do not provide a complete story.  To remedy the situation, here is our best advice, or as another Customer put it…   “Stephen takes away the (Contract Automation) scary.”   Time …

Contract Automation Boosts Profits!!!


One of the first Resource Utilization Automated System reports rolled out to our Customers, showed 2% T&M and 98% Recurring Services work for the week.   I asked the owner, “Are you an ‘All In’ Managed Service Provider?” to which he quickly responded, “Yes, all our Customers have Managed Service Provider Agreements (MSAs) and all work is covered.”   As we talked more, it was true, all the Customers they …

Service Coordinator Dashboard: The Easiest Way to Manage ALL Open Tickets!


The Technician Dashboard (discussed in last week’s article) is an extremely useful tool for keeping up with your customer requests. It allows the Technician to focus on what they need to do next, all while having some awareness of what could go wrong at any moment and disrupt their workday.   Now, that’s great news…but what about all the …

Share the Love With Your Employees This Labour Day


Growing up, I always thought it was strange that we take a day off from work to celebrate work. Did you ever think that too?   Here is what Wikipedia says about Labor or Labour Day, in case you need a refresher of its meaning or origination:  “Labor Day in the United States of America is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday …