Stephen D Buyze

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Automation vs. Picking Up the Phone: Which Do You Choose?


  Last week’s article was all about notifications and properly communicating with the Customer. If you have felt like 12 notifications per request is a lot of work, then don’t shoot the messenger, just read on.       Structuring the Customer-Facing communications program based on Status is so important because it not only communicates internally where the request is on the journey from cradle …

From Chaos to Zen: Are you there yet?


This is a pivotal moment for you – and the Managed Service Provider that you own or manage.   45-60 days from now, life could be the same old, same old:  Same Employee morale and turnover problems…  Same Customer dissatisfaction issues and churn…  Same profit margins that you are embarrassed to report to the Peer Group…  Or, what about this? You could transform Chaos into …

Workflow Rules: The Hemi of the IT Managed Service Provider’s PSA Tool


Ahhh, the power of a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool. To us in IT, it’s almost as gratifying as getting behind the wheel of an old school Charger and hearing the roar of a tricked out Hemi…ok, maybe it’s not that exciting, but still…  Automation is at the heart of why we subscribe to this class of applications. With automation, the magic …