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“You are a great teacher, honest and speak to the level of the audience you are addressing. We are very happy with the assistance you rendered us at Cetan Corp!”
Bill Germelman, PMP Solutions Delivery Project Manager
Cetan Corp

"Stephen’s analytical approach to Autotask’s data has improved the core engineering break/fix experience and successful responses."
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Adrian Wells
Senior Engineer, Systems Engineering, Inc.

"Steve has been excellent in taking the time to custom-tailor this report from the perspective of extracting the most value out of it as possible.”
Alex Samuel, Director of Service
Innovative Inc.

"We recently moved all time entry from a proprietary system to Autotask. The Advanced Resource Utilization Report enables us to automate the collection and cogent presentation of data that previously required our controller to spend anywhere from one to three hours of labor per week. Stephen’s assistance has been invaluable in customizing the original template to fit our specific needs."
Tim Bass
42, Inc.

"When I started the Live Report writing course I was thinking of mostly flat reports like inventory lists or basic ticket reports. Now that I see the power of Live Reports it’s really opened up huge possibilities for things like labor allocation, project labor forecasting. It’s incredible."
Robert Merva, CSCP, CEO

"When I started my position with my company I was completely unfamiliar with Autotask. Steve not only helped handle administrative responsibilities as I came up to speed, he also set aside more than enough time to train me with the system and was more than happy to proceed at any speed I wanted. Using Zoom made it very easy to connect each week. Steve has a wealth of knowledge on Autotask, resource planning, and many other fields that we discussed in our time together. I would highly recommend Steve and his company to any one seeking their assistance and I would be more than happy to do business with them again!"
Tony Proietti, Operations & Financial Analyst
"I think the Resource Utilization report is a powerful way to quickly get metrics on team performance. One of the best parts about the process is the conversations surrounding coaching moments, teaching users to view the data as telling a story, rather than a hard metric goal. I also appreciated the instruction surrounding using an underutilized portion of Autotask – the resource utilization goals, set per resource. It’s easy enough to build a report or widget that tells you how many hours someone worked, but it’s a far more challenging task to provide the level of contextual data that this report does. Kudos!".
Kirsten Ekstrand, Service Delivery Manager
Advanced Intelligence Engineering

"I just began the Live Reports training and it has opened my eyes to the valuable information that we have been missing out on. Within the first lesson alone I was able to see the framework of the report that we would be building in the future. This course will prove to be beneficial not just in the creation of reports but the delivery of vital information to all areas of our organization."
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 7.00.13 PM
Sarah Grigg, Customer Support Coordinator
Business Knowledge Systems
"THANK YOU for the help on this. You don’t know how much time I have spent trying to get this to work. Finally, with your ingenious help, it WORKS!"
Karen Brewster, Accounting Manager

"There are a few CCPs that specialize in Live Reports and Steve is definitely at the top of the list. I highly recommend him for custom reports in Autotask."
Rayanne M. Buchianico
ABC Solutions
"I will say this, in summary: I have gone from not knowing a thing about reporting in Autotask and not even understanding how to navigate the designer, to writing full on (and in my opinion) relatively complicated reports. All thanks to you.."
Robert Merva, CSCP, CEO

"Your template was GREAT. You did an amazing job of breaking down a highly complex task and making it replicable."
Kim S.
Autotask Forum
“You even know more about what I need than I do.”
Matt M.
Acapella Technologies
“The value we received from 30 minutes of consultation was excellent and left me with a desire to work with you and your team”
Ben Scoble
Logic Plus
“I like your nitty-gritty Service Delivery depth of knowledge and your willings to share.”
Paul Arthur
Total Care Computer Consulting
“This Mockup is AMAZING! So easy to use, super clear. Thank you so much for sharing” “…This was super useful!”
Tech Sapiens
“We find SDB-C to be a very beneficial consultant that has“been there and done that.”
Dwight Blankenship
TeamLogic IT
"I just wanted to send my gratitude for the time that you and Carol put today in ASCII The Expert session, as I’ve mentioned I’m new with Datto RMM, we started the implementation couple months ago and like any other new platform, we had our fair share of challenges with the new product. Carol’s expertise with implementation and monitoring of Datto RMM was a tremendous help which I truly appreciate it and looking forward to your upcoming sessions."
Ali Karimi
“After nearly 20 years running the business, I feel I am actually going to have, or know if I already have, a well-oiled machine. I have spent too long trying to do things myself and second-guessing the values coming out of Autotask. Thanks to the PSA Configuration Evaluation, I have already gone through the document and implemented a good portion of the recommendations.”
David S.