The Rumpelstiltskin Method

Live Report Writing Made Easy


If we haven’t been properly introduced, allow me to say WELCOME! My Name is Stephen Buyze, and I will be your instructor as we pilot The Rumpelstiltskin Method of Live Report writing course. Feel free to reach out to me at anytime with questions and concerns. And I am honored to be your teacher, mentor, and coach on your lifelong journey of Autotask Live Report writing.

If you’ve watch the video above, you can skip down and get started! If not, keep reading. 😉

Please start by choosing your training schedule. Next, we would love to get your input and feedback on the onboarding survey. 

The Handout provided is the Open Ticket Report mockup, this is the report we will be building together during this course.  It has been specially designed to teach you all the tips and tricks we know, and when the course is over, you will have your first live report to empress your friends and defeat your enemies (assuming of course that your #1 enemy is not knowing all open tickets in your Autotask database).

Please review the course outline to better understand what we will be covering. And feel free to join me for office hours either by emailing me your questions or scheduling time to chat virtually.

And because this is our pilot, we are actually using this group to build our video library, so that section is not yet available.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Stephen D Buyze
IT Resource Planning Analyst 
(m) 207.939.6861
(e) SBuyze@SBuyze.com
(w) www.SBuyze.com


Onboarding Survey

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Frequently asked questions

Currently, these are live 1on1 sessions.  They are recorded for development reasons, but in general not available to Students.  It would be best to email Steve and see what arrangements can be made.

The Comprehensive Open Ticket report you will be writing in The Rumpelstiltskin Method course is the most useful.

Other more popular reports are:

  • Reopen Ticket Report
  • Average Worked Hours by Issue and Sub-Issue
  • Forecast of Service Delivery workload

Never.  However, variations of a base report are common.  You will also learn in the course how to write one report and use the scheduler to provide a variate of information using the scheduler filter option.

Unfortunately no. If this is something of value to you, request a copy of the SDB-C Autotask Live Report template. As consultants we have a library of Live Reports and we write Live Reports for Customers without access to their database. We use the template to transfer the “How to write in your database” information, and you are welcome to a copy of the template.

But don’t let these limit your creativity, feel free to ask us any questions that come to mind!